Letter to Yeshivas Bochurim inspiring renewed dedication after the Summer break. Page 292.

Panim and Makif at a Chupa. The Kalla’s Makif, The Chosson’s Makif, and Hashem’s Makif. [How this is found in Elul]. Page 293-4.

The pnimi and makif in marriage are reflected in the ELUL idea of Melech Basade’ and the Avoda it inspires. Hefker (surrender) like in a marriage. Higher than Yechida Page 294-6.

End of Sicha. 1) Neshama’s higher than Yechida level connects to Melech Basade. 2) Explanation of what is higher than Yechida. 3) Memutza HaMichaber.

Letter Klali Prati- 5 Rashei Teivos (abbreviations) for Elul: Torah, Tefilla, Tzedaka, Teshuva and Geula. We do Teshuva in these areas [using these tools to help us succeed].