Class Two. Toras Shalom, 19 Kislev 5673, The Alter Rebbe was an Atzmi but came into vessels. Page 166-7.  

Class Three. As Ohr Atzmi, the Alter Rebbe 1) Did not do miracles to show himself, 2) He was very organized. Page 167- 8.  

Class Four. The Alter Rebbe: 1) explained the highest and deepest ideas to the lowest person, 2) Had he been in the times of the Rishonim, Amoraim, Tanaim, Neviim he would be like them. Page 167-8.  

Class Five. More of the Alter Rebbe’s maalos. 1) He did an Avoda of ‘Kalos HaNefesh’ and then was able to eat a Bagel. 2) The two extremes of complete availability and complete illusiveness as demonstrated to us through the Tanya, which is the only way we could know the Alter Rebbe, 3) He gave...