3 Tamuz 5781 (2021) A day about Faith, Sar HaElokim, the Rebbe peddles G-dliness (or: faith).

Viatta Titzaveh review, short version Rabbeinus Beis Rivkah Seminary (5781/ 2021)Quick overview of the entire Ma’amar, revolving around strengthening Emuna 1) the same way internally, 2) yet generationally differently externally at the same time.

Viatta Titzaveh review, the three Moshe Rabbeinus Beis Rivkah Seminary (5781/ 2021).Three Moshes:1) Moshe gave Da’as, he touched but didn’t reveal yechida2) Mordechai during the Gezaira, aroused the Yechida (Kasis Lamaor) but it overwhelmed and sidelined the people’s personalities.3) Mordechai after the miracle, in carousing in Yidden a desire for Geula he revealed Yechida in...