Basi Legani 5711 at lengthThis ma’amar is the maiden Ma’amar” of the Rebbes leadership, in it, he analyzes the maamar of his predecessor but more significantly it is the mission statement for what he intends on doing as a rebbe. A job that continues to this day through the Shluchim and all Chassidim.

Ma’amar Nasata LiYeraiecha 5711A Maamar about Nisyonos (tests) vs. Birurim.There are 26 classes on this Ma’amar.

Ma’amar Vayiheyu Chayey Sara 5712This is “the” Ma’amar about Simcha (Joy) and it’s association with “Bittul”.There are 31 classes on this Ma’amar here.

Ma’amar VaEira 5712 ‘Der Frumer VaEira’ about Teshuva.The Rebbe called it א בייזער דרוש (painful).It speaks to the absolute need (ultimately) of Teshuva.

Ma’amar Adna”i Sefasai Tiftach 5712This Ma’amar about ‘Tefilla Arichta’ (that by adding the ONE Possuk Adan-i Sefasai Tiftach, all of Shmone Esrei becomes a Long Prayer) was said by the Rebbe in his room to select Chassidim on his 50th birthday.

Ma’amar Ani Lidodi 5712.This Ma’amar has ?? classes.Enclosed here are:1) A PDF of the Ma’amar.2) The questions in a word document format.