Class One. Chapter 1 Halacha 1 of RaMbaM inside. Yedias Hashem is a Mitzva. The word Metzius is introduced (but not explained here).

Class Two. RaMbaM inside, Hilchos Yesodei HaTorah Chapter 1, Hal. 2-5. 1) Metzius means existing existentially, 2) His nonexistential existence would affect creation adversely 3) If nothing was, He would not be affected as he does not need us. 4) The Posuk confirms what the Philosophy says, 5) He moves everything but is not moved...

Class Three. Halacha 6 introduces us to the first two Mitzvos 1) Yedias Hashem (and that) this includes all three ideas listed above: A. Understanding God (as a ‘mutzui rishon’) B. The Psukim, C. His presence (evidence) you can see in the world. 2) Not believing in any other force.

Class Four. Halacha 7 introduces the 3rd Mitzva, of Achdus. It includes P’sukim and a logical proof etc. (Yidden vs. Non-Yidden).