ROSH HASHANA MESSAGE (5776-7).We did what we were asked. Head leads the entire year in Olom (770), Shana (Rosh Hashana), Nefesh (The Rebbe’s Bracha). (from the) series on the “King in the field”. Here we included the Rosh Hashana classes.

Neshei Chabad Inspiration for new year (5781) This talk was given at 770 as an accompaniment to the woman’s Sicha the Rebbe always said before Rosh Hashana and visiting the Rebbe’s room.

Neshei Chabad Inspiration for new year (5781-2).Rebbe is here and is giving Brachos.Hashem blesses Tishrei with Atem Nitavim HaYom, everything else is suspended except for the Atem Nitzavim and this is how we can crown Him as King. This year is Shabbos (Shmitta) and a leap year, together it equals Tesuva Ila’a.

N’shei Chabad Inspiration for new year (5782-3), Hakheil.Hakheil Es HaAm HaAnashim VihaNashim VihaTaf…Men woman and children, an absolute idea for the sake of Yiras Shamayim. This is only audio, we are sorry, this is what we have.