Likutei Sichos – Vol 36 p 1 ff

Shemos Exile and Redemption (078) What is the answer to Moshe’s question: What merit entitles the Jews to be redeemed? Answer: the waiting and anticipating was already actual in Egypt.

Vaeira Exile and Redemption (100) A unique characteristic of מכת שחין was that it was performed in a way that could be seen as natural. This is part of how Hashem taught Egypt about Himself.

VaEra Exile and Redemption (087) (088)

Bo Exile and Redemption (114) Likutei Sichos vol. 36 page 45 ff. [A Rashi Sicha]. Two expressions, two actions, both at the same time. ועברתי the killing of the Egyptian first born is a passive act, achieved in one pass over Egypt. ואצא בתוך מצרים the saving of the Jewish people happens proactively with much...

Bo Exile and Redemption (116)

True Freedom (154); The second day (3), Giving over the covenant must be exact, but teaching Torah requires reaching the student; Likutei Sichos vol. 36 page 86 ff.A small part of this short Sicha is read; we explain two ideas:1) When teaching Torah the teacher must use his own words to reach his student.2) When...