Lech Lecha Patriarchs (04) Likutei Sichos – Vol 03 p 757 ff Bris Mila is another step in Avrohom’s spiritual climb. It was the first (and only) Mitzva that he did that actually elevated the physical.

Vayetze Yaakov was the most successful of the Avos, as all his children were Tzadikim and he had them in Golus.

Vayeshev The Tribes (31) Likutei Sichos – Vol 03 p 805 ff The particulars of Yosef’s two dreams (the bundles and the stars) teach us things about serving Hashem and Golus. 1) We go in order from lower to higher (even in Golus), 2) Work, nothing real is free, 3) We gather many into one,...

Miketz The Tribes (38) Yosef dreams so everyone in his generation dreams. The dreams of the Pharaoh are opposite of Yosef’s. Yosef’s dreams lead to the purpose of the world, while Pharaoh’s simply set that up.

Vayigash The Tribes (50) Likutei Sichos – Vol 03 p 827 ff and Vol 01 p 95 ff Yosef is very great but Yaakov sends Yehuda to make a Yeshiva where the students have no other occupation other than learning Torah. Toraso Umnaso is very unique and it has, can, and must exist among Jews...

VaYechi The Tribes (59) Likutei Sichos – Vol 03 p 831 ff This class explains the unique place of Yosef in Galus: he is both a part of it (not like Yaakov) but altogether above it (not like his brothers). As a result he can initiate it and he can predict it’s end.

Shmos Exile and Redemption (062) The entire Chumash Shmos means names because it explains how we go into Galus and how we survive and thrive.

Shemos Exile and Redemption (065) Making the Jews bitter was not only physical but spiritual, they became distracted from who they are really and this is real bitterness. The lesson.

VaEra Exile and Redemption (082) (083)

Bo Exile and Redemption (107) (108) (109)

Beshalach Exile and Redemption (121) – (01)(02)(03)(04) Beshalach