Beshalach Exile and Redemption (121)(01) Class One: Two Parshiyos deal with the actual Exodus: Bo and Beshalach. They are the beginning and the end of the process. In the beginning, we are free but still vulnerable to go back. In the end, we have no possibility to go back to Egypt and the redemption is...

Beshalach Exile and Redemption (121)(02) Class Two: The four ideas are four indications that we aren’t altogether free. 1) Jumping into the sea- removing ourselves from the world altogether. 2) Going back to Egypt- accepting servitude to the worldly paradigm. 3) Fighting- engaging to correct the world.

Beshalach Exile and Redemption (121)(03) Class Three: The fourth category: to pray to Hashem, this too is wrong, you must do! The idea that when one has a divine mission they cannot allow the obstacles to define them even if the definition is to ask Hashem for help.

Beshalach Exile and Redemption (121)(04) Class Four: Only Moshe gets it right, with Hashem’s help: move forward, what makes less sense is usually closer to the truth. The beginning of the process of “Splitting the sea” and seeing it Hashem’s way is the “splitting of the sea” in the person.