This Sicha discusses what is Chassidus. We will use this as a forum to address many ideas related to this question.   Likutei Sichos – Vol 02 p 471 ff

Likutei Sichos Vol 5 pp189 ffWhy is Hashem’s name never mentioned in the Megilla? What is unusual about the miracle and celebration of Purim?Each one of these classes is self-contained and can be listened to individually.

Likutei Sichos Vol 07 p 48 ff When Pesach falls on Shabbos, a Yid won’t carry as we need the Seder even on Shabbos.

Likutei Sichos Vol 09 p 184 ff On Shabbos Mivorchim Tishrei Hashem blesses with the power of Yidden[s Krias HaTorah:] Atem Nitzavim.

Likutei Sichos Vol 10 pp 88-91Yaakov was very different from the two Avos that came before him. His primary purpose was dealing with Golus. He couldn’t allow Avimelech any foothold in Eretz Yisroel. His “bed was (therefore also) whole”.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 13 p 85 ff

Likutei Sichos – Vol 15 p 75 ff Why the life and times of Avrohom (and the Avos in general) is relevant to us. Given at Machon Chana in 5771 (2010).

Likutei Sichos – Vol 15 p 75 ff Why the life and times of Avrohom (and the Avos in general) is relevant to us. Given at Machon Chana in 5772 (2011).

Likutei Sichos Vol 16 p 139 ff Lessons of the Rebbe RaYatz, based on the basi Ligani. What practical messages does it leave?

Likutei Sichos – Vol 17 p 71 ff The three names of Pesach and how they reveal the essence of the holiday (the birth of the Jewish nation) in it’s three requisite steps.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 18 p 187 ff Given at Machon Chana in 5759. This Sicha attempts to reconcile the lofty and the lowly in our understanding of Korach.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 18 p 271

Likutei Sichos – Vol 19 p 291 ff Ths story of Chana is read on Rosh Hashana because it has a lesson for US: How to Daven on this special day.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 22 p 114 ff Why the Alter Rebbe moved Sefiras HaOmer to the back of his Siddur. How this reveals the essence of what the entire Siddur is about.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 22 p 138 ff Talmidei Rav Akiva and their test and death.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 23 p 33 ff Nitzchiyus HaTorah, how Torah always remains the same, though not all of it always applies. This Sicha explores this dichotomy as it applies to the medical remedies and diets prescribed in the Gemara and Rambam. The Rebbe here finds a solution to these dilemmas.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 26 p 26 ff The RaMbaM, the Alter Rebbe and Parshas VaEra.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 28 p 7 ff The Longest Journey – A wonderful series on how the Jewish people prepared to receive the Torah. The series covers in detail the events of the entire week from the arrival at Har Sinai until the day Hashem gave the Torah

Likutei Sichos Vol 28 p 131 ff

Likutei Sichos – Vol 29 p 182 ff What is it about Chana’s prayer that makes it the basis for so many important Halachos of T’filla?

Likutei sichos – Vol 30 p 103 ff Yitzchok, the son of Avrohom, Avrohom gave birth to Yitzchok. How different were they really?

Likutei Sichos – Vol 31 p 170 ff A Purim Sicha

Likutei Sichos – Vol 32 p 72 ff Iyar is an acronym for “Ani Hashem Rofecha” (“I am Hashem your Healer”) from Shemos (Exodus) 15:26. The focus of this series is the special kind of healing that Hashem provides at this time of year.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 35 p 125 ff The two days in Yiddishkeit are both represented in Davening.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 35 p 192 ff Silence during Prayer; three opinions, three approaches.

Likutei Sichos – Vol 36 p 1 ff

Likutei Sichos – Vol 39 p 43 ff Understanding the design of the alter Rebbe’s Siddur it was written for everyone, but it is Kabbalistic.