For a Bochur to know his place. They don’t come to a place to assimilate, but to be themselves and change the place to their level. Rebbe’s wedding where the Rebbe RaYaTz told this idea to the Bochurim. Letter about מדת ההשתוות.

The link between the Mitzvos between man and G-d and those between man and man is underscored in the recitation of הריני מקבל each day at the beginning of our prayer. Want attachedness with G-d? Be connected and don’t be separated from fellow Yid. Why is discussed a little, it has to do with humility...

The Jewish sigh is spiritually very meaningful it doesn’t really matter what arouses it. Humility and admitting dependency upon G-d is very emancipating spiritually.

Mitzvos need שמירה which comes from מקיף; often the שמירה is the מצוה itself. This is why you should give Tzedaka along with every Mitzvah it is the שמירה. However even higher than צדקה is תורה (the מקיף and the פנימי are one -?-).

Introduction about חודש אייר. With all the great things Avrohom Avinu did he is most beloved because of the way he raised his children and set up for the next generation.

Supporting Torah’s greatest reward is our own Nachas.

The Tanya was printed in stages. The אגרת התשובה appeared in the very second edition of the Tanya but in the earlier draft (מהדורא קמא). The final draft of this letter wouldn’t appear until almost ten years later.

The Baal Shem Tov was a נסתר. He was forced to reveal himself. He was a באהעלפער for a מלמד and loved the children His brother in law ר’ גרשון קיטיווער.

Hayom Yom 19 Tamuz Tefillas Haderech, is said every day that one is away from home. We discussed the idea of יראת שמים that is connected to attend to such details. On the day the trip starts, it is said with a Bracha and after that it is said without a Bracha, but NEAR a...

Hayom Yom 23 Tamuz.The custom regarding what to read Shabbos Mincha, Monday, and Thursday mornings when Masei is separate from Mattos.About customs and the Rebbe.

Hayom Yom 24 Tamuz, Class One.Asking for a Bracha for matters of Avoda is laziness.This idea is supported and challenged from stories and Sichos.There is a place for Brachos, but (perhaps the idea is) not to ask for them.

PDF For Hayom Yom 26-28 Tamuz Hayom Yom 26 Tamuz.The difference between learning and Davening.Learning: getting (G-dliness) as one can get.Davening: surrendering to Him as He is beyond us.The example of Geula Shlaima vs Yetzias Mitzrayim.

Hayom Yom 28 TamuzThe Rabbeiim had Ma’amarim that they said “just” to purify the “atmosphere”. The Rebbe RaYaTz’s letter about what is achieved by saying Chassidus even if the people don’t understand.

Hayom Yom 29 TamuzTzemach Tzedek’s diligence. Many stories.Complaining about the Chassidim consuming his time and more.