Hayom Yom 1 Menachem AvMoshiach’s humility to teach Torah even to us, though he’ll be teaching the Avos and Moshe: how great must he be to find greatness even in us??!!

Hayom Yom 2 Menachem AvMinhagim for putting on Tefillin leading up to the Bar MItzvahAnd other related stories and customs.

Hayom Yom 8 Menachem Av.The 6 remembrances, there’s a daily mention and day altogether dedicated to it.The Rebbe MaharaSh Midos Raos, hurting someone. America and Middos Raos (vs Tovos).

Hayom Yom 9 Menachem AvThis entry deals with Minhag and Halacha of Tisha BiAv. The Rebbe RaShaB and Tisha BiAv, what he did and what he learned.

Hayom Yom 16 Menachem, Class Three – 17 Menachem.This class ends 16 Menachem and continues with 17 Menachem.Why would people think Chassidus is fire and fear it.The idea of “Learning it after 120 years” means that this is real (deep) and timeless.As the expression: Chassidus (Tanya) removes the child (subjectivity) from the world.

Hayom Yom 18 Menachem.Ahavas Yisroel all the way to the very essence of the Neshama.

Hayom Yom 19 Menachem Av.The order and custom surrounding “4 pairs of Tefillin” for those who wear themThis requires a גוף נקי ביותר, still these מנהגים are presented in the Hayom Yom.The Rebbe engaged in knowing and revealing all the Minhagim to all of us.Not everything revealed to us is for us to do practically,...

Hayom Yom 21 Menachem Av.Darchei HaChassidus includes feeling a personal responsibility to use opportunities in the Market etc. to encourage people to join Shiurim in Chassidus etc.The “ways of Chassidus” is the cultural component of Chassidus.

Hayom Yom 22 Menachem Av.The need to rinse your mouth before you say a Davar ShebiKdusha on all days other than fast days.The way we say Birchas HaShachar .

Hayom Yom 23 MenachemTwo classes

Hayom Yom 24 MenachemThe Alter Rebbe explains to Chassidim that even the simple people who challenge them we must love.Ahavas Yisroel to simple people even those who are challenging the Chassidim.

Hayom Yom 25 Menachem Av. Woman and the blessing לגדלה לתורה לחופה ולמעשים טובים because they help their husbands and sons.But there is more to woman and studying Torah, especially nowadays:1) By Chassidim there was never really a difference2) Today the תפלות is rampant and the woman must learn and develop their minds in Torah...

Hayom Yom – 26 Menachem AvYetzias Mitzrayim in Ruchniyus is about telling stories and learning the lessons.

Hayom Yom – 27 Menachem AvLike in a business you take stock periodically; so too in Avoda you take stock periodically. In the Year it’s Elul.Midos Tovos and Torah and Mitzvos. It’s the preparation that gives us a good year.

Hayom Yom – 28 Menachem AvWhen a person is ill (and knows he is ill, see 16 Sivan), there are two ways to heal: A. by fixing the organ or limb that is ill, or B. Strengthen the entire body, which will, by association, heal the illness.These two are A. Teshuva B. Ma’asim Tovim.We explored...

Hayom Yom – 29 Menachem AvWork on your own rather than get from another without effort. This idea is linked to the debate between ‘Chabad and Poland’ and their respective approaches to Chassidus. The Alter Rebbe gave the Ma’ayan (the fountain itself) to Chassidim and gave them the guidance they would need to achieve a...

Hayom Yom – 30 Menachem Av1) Minhagim of Elul2) Alter (Mitteler) Rebbe’s Siddur3) Mitteler Rebbe originally said shorter Ma’amarim.