Hayom Yom – 01 ElulThe custom of sayin Tehillim.Education of (future Rebbes) children, and different ages. Some thing start at the age of nine.

Hayom Yom – 03 ElulThe feet of man are predestined by God to do good.This idea appears several times in the Hayom Yom, we discussed it some more here.

Hayom Yom – 04 ElulCustoms of getting an Aliya.The four names of man Adam, Ish Enosh Gever.

Hayom Yom – 05 ElulCustoms for putting on a Tallis; what could we possibly learn from this on a personal level. The little things matter a lot.

Hayom Yom – 06 Elul

Hayom Yom – 07 ElulThis class has a long introduction (10 minutes) about Chanukah.The question of the (one debated) letter in the Torah. Is it פצוע דכא or פצוע דכה?The Alter Rebbe held (firmly) that it is פצוע דכא with an א. The Previous Rebbe supports this with various sources.The היום יום המבואר adds much...

Hayom Yom – 08 ElulThe Tzemach Tzedek dedicated a huge part of his life to preserving the Alter Rebbe’s Torah; [and in affect he preserved all of ChaBaD with this action].

Hayom Yom – 09 ElulThe Rebbe MaharaSh: if something matters you figure it out.To understand and personalize Chassidus deeply.

Hayom Yom – 10 ElulYechidus, reviewed.

Hayom Yom – 11 Elulהלומד תורה לפרקים למטה ולמעלה

Hayom Yom – 12 Elul, the ‘Ayin Bais’This entry overviews the classic and masterful המשך (series) called בשעה שהקדימו תער”ב; what is unique about it, how the Rebbe feared publishing it, and how he rejoiced when it came out in fact. Hayom Yom – 12 Elul, the ‘Ayin Bais’

Hayom Yom – 13 ElulReb Hendel and (his) the first Yechidus

Hayom Yom – 14 Elul

Hayom Yom – 15 ElulPrevious Rebbe’s wedding; establishment of Tomchei Temimim.

Hayom Yom – 16 ElulSeeing a Yid as he is seen (by Hashem) in the מחשבה הקדומה דאדם קדמון (in Hashem’s first thought).

Hayom Yom – 17 Elul[The Alter Rebbe’s originality in all things]. He “Lained himself”.What happened when the Mitteler Rebbe heard someone else’s Laining of the Tochacha? Hayom Yom – 17 Elul

Hayom Yom – 18 ElulThe birth of Chassidus in so many levels and stages.