Class One. The biography of the Frierdike Rebbe until his Nesius. 1) His childhood, 2) Mishnayos Baal Peh, 3) the RaShabaTz, 4) his Arrest, 5) his Father’s Chinuch, 6) His 15th birthday and becoming a public servant, 7) going to meetings, 8) his wedding, 9) Tomchei Tmimim, 10) the Tzoris and how he was involved,...

Class Two. 1) His Father passes away and his Nesius begins (in 5680), 2) His father’s Tzava’a, 3) the world changes and he adapts. 4) The incredible undertakings and success of his initial activities, 5) The private enterprise that allows people to keep Shabbos in Russia, 6) Agudas ChaBaD in America, 7) Moving to Leningrad,...

Class Three. 1) The arrest, 2) liberation, 3) KastramA, 4) coming home, 5) Malachavka, 6) the decision to leave to leave Russia, 7) Tishrei 5688, 8) Riga, 9) Travels, deciding where to live, America, Israel etc., 10) Poland, 11) Utvutzk, 12) the war starts.

Class Four. 1) America, 2) Tomchei Tmimim, 3) New York and not Lakewood, 4) Machanei Yisroel.

Class Five. 1) (Machanei Yisroael and then ) 2) Merkaz LiInyanei Chinuch, 3) Kehas, Ho’tza’as Otzar HaChasidim, 4) establishing Yeshivos all over the Eastern Sea Board, 5) NiCho’aCh.

Class Six. 5704-7,1) Kovetz Lubavitch, 2) The Lishka LiPlaitim in Paris, 3) Jewish Farmer’s assistance, and more.

Class Seven. 5708-10. 1) Israel, Zionism and the Rabbeiim, 2) The Immigrants to Eretz Yisroel and keeping them frum (and aware of the dangers of Secular Zionism), 3) North African idea and its great success; which would be undertaken by the Rebbe after the passing of the Frierdike Rebbe.