About Halacha:Chassidus teaches two things: a) To understand the shoresh or the pnimius of each halacha and b) to apply each halacha to us personally. There are three levels of Halacha 1) those that are clearly elucidated in the Chumash itself 2) Halachas that are “Hanging by a Hair” 3) Those that are flying in...

About Korbanos:Those who are pure should start to learn what is pure. Begin Chinuch with the Korbanos in Vayikra.Bring a Korban from YOU, from your Nefesh Habehamis.Korban means 1) to sacrifice your nefesh Habahamis and BiYA and 2) to bring close your Adam.Nefesh Habehamis are the mochin of your animal. It generalizes and lacks discernment....

About the Mittler Rebbe:The Mittler Rebbe’s ChassidusThe Mittler Rebbe’s NesiusHishkashrus between Chassidim and the Rebbe and vice versa. The Chassidim set the terms, the Rebbe only wants to give.

About NekudosNekudos have three levels with regard to letters. They can be under, inside, or over. When they are found up above it is a higher level.

We need to learn Midrash to connect to Hashem’s light.We need to learn Talmud to connect to Hashem’s Chochma.Why learn Chumash with Rashi?We need both. Ohr and Sekel.

Stories about Reb Moshe Meisles.Very very smart. Was sent to Berlin, but didnt go tp University, instead sat in the library and learned languages. Knowing French he was able to infiltrate the French high command.Story with Napoleon.