Hayom Yom 16 Menachem, Class One.The Ba’al Shem Tov traveled, a brief history of this attitude of traveling.Avrohom, who was also the first traveled; to bring a new idea inot the world, at first you go around and give it away, afterwards you make people earn it. Three reasons: 1) Pidyon Shvuyim, 2) strengthening Yiddishkeit,...

Hayom Yom 16 Menachem, Class Two.Chassidus is fire and people tend to run from fire, what does this mean according to Chassidus.The entire fountain in each drop; it’s potency is frightening (what we cannot control we fear).

Hayom Yom 16 Menachem, Class Three- 17 Menachem.This class ends 16 Menachem and continues with 17 Menachem.Why would people think Chassidus is fire and fear it.The idea of “Learning it after 120 years” means that this is real (deep) and timeless.As the expression: Chassidus (Tanya) removes the child (subjectivity) from the world.