Hayom Yom 13 Menachem, Class One.Some thoughts on the upcoming 15 Sivan, Beginning of discussion on the short reshima (note) of the Rebbe RaShaB which is available in long form in the Hanacha (transcript) printed along side the note.What is the 15th of each month.This 15 is connected to a weakening sun and as such...

Hayom Yom 13 Menachem, Class Two.Goyim have the sun as a mazal; the Yidden are compared to the moon.Two “Moon” ideas: 1) it receives form the sun, 2) it’s OWN light. How 15 Menachem is different from other “15s”.

Hayom Yom 13 Menachem, Class Three.Moon reflecting the sun’s light and having it’s own light.The idea of the full moon (in the times of the Beis HaMikdash) and how it will be when Moshiach comes.