Early years.

A series of classes on the life of the Alter Rebbe given at Yeshivas Chovevai Torah, beginning in Adar 5773/2013.

This class given at Beis Midrash Linashim as a farbrengen for 24 Teves 5775, explores in short the Alter Rebbe’s three Rebbes 1) The holy Maggid, 2) His son the Angel ‘Reb Avrohom HaMalach’ and 3) Reb Mendel of Horodok.

The Alter Rebbe himself spoke of ten positive things and ten painful things that happened in his lifetime.

The Alter Rebbe distinguished himself (also) in his involvement with Baalei Teshuva. Some stories.

The Alter Rebbe’s final years (that were so positive) were interrupted (and ended) by the Napoleonic war. The Alter Rebbe’s attitude and response to Napoleon and his ideas.

A cross section of ideas about tzaddikim from a concordance covering the Tanach, Shas, and Zohar (Mikhlol Ha-Meamrim ve Ha-Pitgamim) interspersed with stories of the Alter Rebbe and other tzaddikim. MP3

One of the most interesting things about the evolution of the Torah of the seven Rabbeiim of CHABAD is their loyalty to the past. The result is an incredible uniformity in their discourses. It can all be traced back to the Alter Rebbe.

A class about the intent of the Alter Rebbe in making his nusach. It may be very holy and precise but it is for everyone.See below for another version of the same.

Its four stages of development.

The Tanya written by a Rebbe for Beinonim that is truly on their level not his own.

This class given at Beth Rivkah Seminary on 24 teves 5775, In this class it is underscored that the Tanya is a most encouraging (rather than discouraging) book, as it accepts the struggle of the ordinary person. Ideally it empowers one to ‘never sin again’, but one who cannot, learns from the Tanya never to...

(5776/ 2016) A thought based a comment made by the Chossid Reb Shmuel Ber Barisover about the alter Rebbe.