The Yud Shvat story. Stories about the sixth Rebbe of Lubavitch (Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson) (his yarzheit is Yud Shevat), the year after his passing 5710 or 1950, and the first days of the leadership of the young seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe (Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson) in 5711 or 1951.

Two letters from 1 Shvat 5711 about the upcoming Yahrtzeit, it’s minhagim and the focus on the Maamar basi Ligani and more.

Seventy Years (5780/ 2020):1) a lifetime.2) נכנס יין יצא סוד. Both יין and סוד are both בגימטריא 70.The idea of a secret and revealing it; the joy of wine that comes with a meal that makes you Joyous and not drunk.3) This means that after 70 years the secret comes out (ןע”ד דברי הרבי בארבעים...

How does a leader think and why does it seem not intellectual and how in fact it is super intellectual.

Rebbe, what it means and what we must do.

Some stories, what is Hiskashrus.

In 5710 10 Shvat was Shabbos Bo and the following year when the Nesiyus was accepted was on Wednesday Bishalach (The Shira).

Two Parshiyos connected to Yud Shvat and the significance of this.

The Neshama bond exists between all Yidden, but we aren’t all equal. (We are collectively like contributing parts of the body,) some are the mind, eyes, heart, etc. while others are the hair, skin, and nails. The Rebbe is the head. Through his Neshama, other Neshamos are connected to Hashem

A gift to the Rebbe, by understanding the gift OF the Rebbe.

The Rebbe teaches us how we can and must serve Hashem.

Yud Shvat the Rebbe calls יום הגדול והקדוש, the great and holy day however, we, Chassidim call it דער גרויסער הייליקער ליכטיקער טאג the great, holy and fortunate day of 10 Shvat.