Rebbe RASHAB classes

The Rebbe Rashab (Rabbi Sholom Dovber) was the fifth Chabad Rebbe. He was the son of the Rebbe Maharash and the father of the Rebbe Rayatz. The Rebbe Rashab was born on the 20th of Cheshvon and passed away on the 2nd of Nissan. These audio classes are presented by Rabbi Paltiel.

1. His Birth ( 5767).

2. His Birth, another version.

3. His Early Years. (5770).

4. 11 Elul (5634) His Wedding.

5. 11 Elul 5776 (thought)

Two short classes on the The Rebbe RaShaB's Histalkus.

Part One. Hiskashrus of our Rebbe and Beis Nissan.

Part Two. Hiskashrus, to be with his Chassidim at the moment of Histalkus. What is Hiskashrus?

The dramatic story of the Rebbe Rashab's passing on 2 NISSAN 5680.

Three generations, one chain and such great change. How are these three generations one, though on the outside, there seem to be fundamental differences between them.

A yid whose very essence was ''Avoda''. (5771).

The Rebbe (RaShaB) Nishmoso Eiden's efforts at spreading old Minhagei chassidim. Based on the introduction to the Kunteres "Umayan" and his tzava'a (will).

This class (or Farbrengen) explores the unique contribution of the Rebbe RaShaB to the philosophy of Chassidus ChaBaD. His orderly style and his resolving contradictions and streamlining of the language make his Ma'amarim far more learn-able than the Ma'amarim before him. Two ideas: 1) 'Tun (working to understand, clarify and correct: which only a Rebbe can do) in Chassidus'. 2) Writing for Avodah which anyone can do. The Hemsheichim, particularly the Ayin Beis and it's clarity. Tomchei Tmimim and the place the Ma'amarim played in that world.

This class is based on an episode related by the Frierdike' Rebbe in a new volume of Igros Kodesh. It relates a meeting between the young Rebbe RaShaB and older Chassidim. It reveals their love for him and their encouragement to him.


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