The Life of the Tzemach Tzedek - Class 09

Class Nine. 30) The war over education, and the Haskalah’s efforts to make inroads into Russia. His visit to his mother’s grave, she was allowed in to the BeShT, and he referenced ChiTaS (by heart). The efforts of the reform to extend into Eastern Europe, during the times of the Alter Rebbe and again by...

New Year at Machon LiYahadus! Back to Miriam's well

Class One Hundred and Thirty Six, The Chumash: The “Well of Miriam” Class Three.This class is the first of the new school year (5780-5781/ 2020-2021) and the introduction is therefore necessary.Part 1:  What is slavery? Having no control over oneself means not having the freedom to overcome our weaknesses – that is slavery.  If a...

The soul of existence, part I

01)-The Soul of Existence part I