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3 Shvat

One week before 10 Shvat 5752 the Rebbe spoke of final preparations for the great and holy day; and the idea of speaking when the Rebbe כביכול cannot.

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10 Shvat

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13 SHVAT. On this day in 5702 (1942), the Rebbetzin Shterna Sara (wife of the Rebbe RASHAB) passed away.

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15 Shvat

15 Shvat This is "The Rosh Hashana" (new year) for trees, as the winter ends and the trees come to (visible) life again.

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22 Shvat

22 Shvat The Yahrtzeit of The Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka (Wife of our Rebbe). She passed away in 5748 (1988).