Mitzvas Lo Sisna and Ahavas Yisroel Perek 1

Perek 1, Class 1. This class introduces the Ma’amar and explores the Chinuch, the Gemara and the Arizal’s suggestion that everyone say each day (in the morning) הריני מקבל עלי מצות עשה של ואהבת לרעך כמוך We further explored the Kabbalah that says that all Souls are parts of the Neshama of Adam HaRishon and that this is the basis for the idea of ערבות (Guarantor-ship).

Perek 1, Class Two: Introductory class. Explaining “אדם העליון” and the idea of אצילות and התכללות as opposed to תהו and תערבות. The משל is from the רבינו בחיי and he is referencing the idea of כח ההמרה, which is the idea of cellular regeneration. This order and finitude adds up to אין סוף not because it’s infinite but because its order is infinite. Living forever is a Mashal for Atzilus.

Perek 1, Class Three: Introduction continued. Atzilus really works because of M”A- a deeper sense of purpose. M”A comes from the forehead (while revelation comes from אח”פ and עינים- the orifices in the “face of א”ק”), which is a great concealment on the one hand and an expression of the (“face”) essence on the other.

Perek 1, Class Four: a little inside. Adam HaRishon’s general Soul includes us all.

Perek 1, Class 5: We read inside. Adam includes all Neshamos as one, but then they manifest and separate. Ahavas Yisroel is that even as they are manifest they (can be) are one because of the source, M”A.

Perek 1, Class 6: The Hiskalelus is rooted in the fact that in Adam we were all one actually and because of the interconnection between each of us and all of us, we can continue being one even down here.’ The Rebbe proposes that this has to do with the fact that on the (Ohr) Neshama level we are still one. We added that in later Ma’amarim (especially in עין בית) the Rebbe explains that it is really because of the body and the Keli and that is really where the extra Bittul presides.

Perek 1, Class 7: Continued from class 5, why and how we are all connected. However I would like to explore Gilgul Neshamos and the idea that all Neshamos in “Guf” are born before Moshiach comes.

Perek 1, Class 8: תמים יהי’ לרצון Davening is like a Korban and like a Korban it must be whole so I mustn’t hate any Yid, because if I did I’d hate and dis-include part of myself from my “Korban”.

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