Listen to the audio classes of the history, lessons, and teachings of the Mitteler Rebbe, Rabbi Dovber Shneuri. The Mittler Rebbe was the student and son of the Alter Rebbe and father-in-law and teacher of the Tzemach Tzedek. Presented by Rabbi Paltiel. The Mitteler Rebbe was born on TES KISLEV and passed away on TES KISLEV. This page is part of the New Rebbeim Audio Series given by Rabbi Paltiel.

Two Classes (Beth Rivkah Seminary 5780) On the Mitteler Rebbe His Generation: The Mitteler Rebbe was a Rebbe for only 15 years but it was a most intense period, he raised his chassidim to extraordinary heights.

His Demand: The Order of the day in the Mitteler Rebbe's generation was to be steeped in the study of Elokus to the point of mesiras Nefesh: there was nothing else.

Third Class: His time as Rebbe was most intense and his Chassidim lived "the Knowledge of G-d".

Class Four (5781): The intensity of his Nesius.

He breathed ate and slept Chassidus.

The Mitteler Rebbe's Chassidus was very rich and beautiful and true. Just the way the Alter Rebbe would have wanted it to be.

Stories in the Maamar Vruach Hamoshel. Tzadikim are affected by the sins of their generation. The relationship between the Alter rebbe and his son. (The Barditchever's feelings).

A series of classes on the life of the Alter Rebbe given at Yeshivas Chovevai Torah, beginning in Marcheshvan 5776/2015.

Class One. The Alter Rebbe's daughters: Reb. Fraidke and Devorah Leah. The Bracha of the Maggid for the birth of a son, "but don't forget about me". His early years, Bar Mitzvah, wedding (in short).

Class Two. His passion for Chassidus from the earliest of ages. He was -on this earth- like "The Fish from the sea that walk on the dry land. I will say the biur, The Barditchiver Rav and the MR, Go to my Rebbe,


His Life, Part One.

His Life, Part Two.

His Life, Part Three.


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