The Rebbe Maharash classes

The Rebbe Maharash. The fourth Lubavitcher Rebbe (Reb Shmuel). Born on the 2nd of Iyar 5594 and passed away on 13 Tishrei 5643. Presented by Rabbi Paltiel. The Rebbe Maharash was the son of the Tzemach Tzedek and the father of the Rebbe Rashab. Note: There is considerable repetition in these classes (stories) but each is different and is therefore included.

Based on a summary of the Rebbe MaHaRaSh's life published in the introduction to the "VeHecherim" (The first volume of his chassidus published by the Rabbeiim). Part One. Part Two.

The decision to remain in Russia. The Rebbe MaHaRaSh was a Rebbe over very few Chassidim for a short time, but he made decisions which were incredibly far reaching, it reaches until us and beyond.

Stories of his life (5768). Part One. His early years. As a Rebbe. Part one. Part Two.

Based on the introduction to the HaYom Yom.


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