The Holy Maggid of Mezrich classes

Listen to the audio classes on the history of the Maggid of Mezrich, Rabbi Dovber. The Maggid was the student of the Baal Shem Tov and the teacher of the Alter Rebbe. Presented by Rabbi Paltiel. The Maggid of Mezrich passed away YUD TES KISLEV 5533/1772. Part of the New Rebbeim Series.

1) The story of Chasidei 'TOLK', 2) Did Talmidei HaMagid put the GR"A in Cherem during his lifetime and if the Alter Rebbe participated, 3) Stories, 4) Histalkus Tzavaa etc. 5) What was decided after he passed he away.

The meeting after the Histalkus, the three decisions: 1) To diversify Chassidus, 2) To remain unified in the struggle with the Misnagdim, and to meet to discuss the progress every five years), 3) To send a delegation to [bring Chassidus to] the holy land.

1) His Torah, 2) the holy brothers, Reb Shmelka and Reb Pinchas, 3) The Volfer Rav, 4) visits from his former friends, Reb Michele Zlotchiver, 5) Reb Pinchas of Kuritz, the story of the King's crown and the precious stone,

The Maggid continued. He joined the Baal Shem Tov's movement very late. Why he was favored; a PAN from the Baal Shem Tov. Shavuos 5520, 5521 Reb Tzvi and the Maggid, The Maggid was a very great leader and reestablished the Chassidic movement, using a pyramid system.

The holy Maggid, his early years, his choice to be a Melamed, His poverty, His Rebbe the Pnei yehoshua, his coming to the Baal Shem Tov at the end of his Nesius.


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