10. Machar Chodesh 5745 (Muga)

Machar Chodesh 5745 (Muga), Class One. The Possuk that discusses the birth and renewal of the (new) Month, has three readings: 1) That the sun (mashpia) creates an interest in the Mikabel (moon) to want to get light the following day, 2) On Rosh Chodesh, the Moon (in its’ Bittul) receives the light from the...

11. Pada BiShalom 5722 (Muga)

A very involved Padah Bishalom Ma’amar. Shalom is Yechida that gives koach to a lower Yid to serve on the level of total hisbatlus, even if his Yechida is not revealed. The Yechida is the idea of “Ki BiRabim Hayu Imadi” [1) Yachid sherabim tzrichin lo, 2) The nitzutzei kidusha in Klipa also want an...

5 Classes

10. Pada BiShalom 5726 (the Ma'amar after this one follows this one as a Hemshech)

Pada BiShalom 5726(the Ma’amar after this one follows this one as a Hemshech)

4 Classes

11. Lihavin Inyan Neiros Chanukah 5726 (this Ma'amar follows the one before this one as a Hemshech)

Lihavin Inyan Neiros Chanukah 5726(this Ma’amar follows the one before this one as a Hemshech)

3 Classes

13. ViDovid Avdi 5732 (Mugga) Sefer HaMa'amarim Milukat vol. 6.

ViDovid Avdi 5732 (Mugga) Sefer HaMa’amarim Milukat vol. 6.This folder has all the classes on this Ma’amar.We learned it in 5782 (2021) in conjunction with the Ma’amar Vayigash 5736 (and 5725) in the belief that these three Mugga Ma’amarim follow each other in a sequence.

17. Basi Ligani 5732 (5772/2012) (Muga)

Class One. Basi Ligani 5732 is (perhaps) a follow up to the end of Basi Ligani 5712. There he concluded chapter 4 with the idea of Yiddishkeit without any intellectual reason or any reciprocity at all. This entire Maamar revolves around the following idea: Perek 1 spoke of bringing G-dliness down and making Him a...

21. ואלה המשפטים ה'תשמ"א (Muga)

Class One. Introduction: The classic idea of this Possuk, that we do משפטים like חוקים rather than the other way around, because the משפטים are also from סיני. The Rebbe added in תשנ”ב that the very idea of משפטים where ideas of morality צדק ויושר are logical is a special gift from Hashem to bring...

23. ואתה תצוה ה'תשמ"א

This is the מאמר given to us in Adar 5752, with which we live our lives; it is the מאמר of התקשרות Click here for a folder-full of classes and versions of classes on this מאמר. Below is a חזרה of this מאמר and below that a class on the בלתי מוגה (unedited version) of...

11 Classes

23. Veatta Titzaveh 5741 [5752]

NOTE: the number posted above (only) reflects it’s place in the year (5741) in which it was recited.