03. Ulkachtem 5739 (Muga)

Ulkachtem Lachem 5739 [Introduction: there are two sides to the purpose of creation: 1) Narrow, it is about Yidden and everything and everybody else serves this goal 2) Broad, the purpose is the world as a whole, and as such everything and everybody serve Hashem directly.] Tishrei has two dimensions A בכסא B ליום חגינו[...

07. VeIsha Achas 5746

An overview of a ma’amar that presents the Chabad Chassidic interpretation of the story of Elisha and the widow of Ovadia ha Navi found in the Haftorah on Parshas Vayeira (II Melachim, Chapter 4). The origins of this famous maamar¹ are discussed and the content is summarized in a short inspiring shiur. Intermediate level but...

09. VeAvrohom Zakein 5737 (Muga)

Version One (Yeshiva, 5768/ 2007):An overview of a ma’amar on the pasuk “V’Avraham Zaken” from Parshas Chayei Sara. Source: “V’Avraham Zaken”, Sefer HaMaamarim Melukat, Vol. IV, pp. 53 ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Version Two (Beis Midrash LiNashim UBanos 770 5781/ 20200 Version Two (Beis Midrash LiNashim UBanos 770) Class One:High, Higher, and even HigherMaamar V’Avraham Zaken – Edited...

09. Veyiten Lecha 5728 (Muga)

This Maamar is Muga. An overview of a ma’amar on the pasuk “Ve’yiten Lecha” from parshas Toldos. Source: “Ve’yiten Lecha”, Sefer HaMaamarim Melukat, Vol. IV, pp. 63  

09. Atta Echod 5729 (Muga)

This Maamar is muga. This ma’amar is based on the pasuk, “Ata echad” (from Shabbos mincha davening). This is assumed to be the ma’amar that the Mittler Rebbe (Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber – the 2nd Lubavitcher Rebbe) said in prison right before his release on 9-10 Kislev. Also note that the birthday and yahrzeit of...

08. Asher Bara 5739 (Muga)

This Maamar is Muga. This overview of a ma’amar on the last of the Sheva Brachos, “asher bara sason v’simcha”. This class was given following the comments Rabbi Paltiel made about the life of his beloved grandfather, whose levaya was earlier in the day. For this reason, this shiur is shorter and less complete than...

09. Amar Reb Oshia 5739 (Muga)

This Maamar is Muga. This is an overview of the ma’amar “Amar Reb. Oishia” which fundamentally is about the interdependence of Jews. Source: Melukat 4, p.89, 5739 2nd Version, Beis Midrash Linashim 770 (5779/ 2018). Class One. Pzaros (being spread out) brings to Prazos (to living without fear- spread out) and the Possuk describes the...

15. Veatta Birachamecha 5748

This wonderful ma’amar delves into three distinct miracles within the Chanuka story and how they relate to why 8 nights of Chanuka are observed. Intermediate to advanced level shiur. Source: Melukat, Vol. 4, p.99, 5748.  

14. Bayom Hashmini 5746 (Chanuka)

This Maamar is Muga. The number eight is higher than order, but not all “eighths” are equal. The eighth of Miluim is relative to Hishtalshelus, while the eighth of Chanuka is connected with Atzmus.

4 Classes

13. Vayigash 5736 (Muga).

Vayigash 5736 (Muga).This folder includes a short (oral) version of this Ma’amar given at Yeshiva and a more comprehensive version given at Beis Midrahs Linashim in 5782 (2021).We’ll also enclose some of the (Muga) Ma’amarim from 5725 and 5732.

17. Habaim Yashreish Yaakov 5748

Three interpretations of “Habaim yashreish Yaakov”. The ma’amar focuses on the upside of giluyim as opposed to dira b’tachtonim (which is quite unusual in the Rebbe’s school of thought). Source: Melukat 4, p. 125, 5748.43 minutes and 26 seconds – 19.9 MB

17-18. Basi Ligani 5730 (Muga)

Part One. It’s Ultimately About “Neshomos yerida tzorech aliya” (Souls going down for the purpose of going up again) 29.85 MB – 1 hour and 5 minutes Part Two. 1) All of a Jew’s challenges come from himself. 2) Iskafia & Ishapcha in machshava zara.

19. Bachodesh Hashlishi 5734 (Muga)

19. Bachodesh Hashlishi 5734 (Muga)

25. kol Yisroel Yesh Lohem Chelek laolom Haba 5733 (Muga)

Olom hatechiya is gashmiyus and is higher than Gan Eden (though it is ruchniyus). Source: Melukat IV, p.177 high quality audio. medium quality audio.

3 Classes

22. Hachodesh 5735 Mugga (A Parshas Hachodesh Ma'amar)

22. Hachodesh 5735 Mugga (A Parshas Hachodesh Ma’amar)This Ma’amar was edited by the Rebbe in 5750 (1990).It is being taught in three parts, discusses 1) the interface between Nissan and Tishrei, as well as 2) the interface between Breishis (creation- 25 Elul כ”ה) and Hachodesh Hazeh Lachem (first Mitzva), and it argues that these two...

27. Ki Yishalcha 5738 Acharon Shel Pesach)

Ki Yishalcha 5738 (Class One)This first class (on this most complex of Ma’amarim) is the heart (center or Biur) of the Ma’amar as a whole. [Chapters 4-7].The three levels of עדות חוקים משפטים are explored here.In Pshat the oreder should be משפטים חוקים עדותBut here the Possuk orders them differently: עדות חוקים משפטים and the...

32. Gan Naul.. Gal Naul... 5747

A commentary on a Maamar of the Rebbe Maharash which is part of the hemshech “Matza Zu 5640”. “Gan” is Mitzvos, Betrothal, Pesach. Yet it already has life and therefore sets the stage for”Gal” which is Torah, Marriage, Shavuos.

44. ונקדשתי בתוך בני ישראל ה'תשכ"ה (Muga)

Two versions of this מאמר exist: 1) There are three levels of קדושה, two are available to us and the third is not. If we are to reach it, we must become בטל. They are: תפלה, תורה, מצות. 2) We can reach the third level of קדושה as well. They are תורה, מצות, and תשובה....

28. Shir HaMa'alos Huinei Ma Tov UMa Nuim... 5722 (Muga)

This Ma’amar is Muga. The Biur in this Ma’amar discusses the three juxtapositions of 1) Bracha and Tefilla, 2) Torah and Tefilla, 3) Torah of RaShBI and Tefilla. In this third level, all separations are broken and this Torah reaches the Ein Sof, creates Keilim and is an assured effect. The Ma’amar itself juxtaposed the...

37. עשרה שיושבים ה'תשמ"ב 2 (Muga)

Class One. This class on this Ma’amar repeats and organizes the ideas that show the similarity between Davening and Learning with a Minyan. Class Two. This class focuses on the asymmetry of Torah with a Tzibur and Tefillah with a Tzibbur. Davening is more important in terms of reaching up. Torah is more important in...

38. עשרה שיובים ועוסקים בתורה ה'תשמ"ב 3 (Muga)

Class One. More on the advantage of Tefilla over Torah it is the real source of Bittul Of being an Eved. Class Two. Another point regarding Torah study, that in bringing light downward it is fulfilling the divine plan in creation and as such it reaches “Atzmus” Thus placing Torah in as much as it...

37. גדול יהי' כבוד הבית הזה האחרון מן הראשון ה'תשכ"ב

גדול יהי’ כבוד הבית הזה האחרון מן הראשון ה’תשכ”בPDF Class One. If creation was from שם הוי’ה only. Incredibly far and incredibly Bottul. Space and time would not exist at all. Class Two. The world as it is created by the combination of שמות הוי’ ואלקים where the הוי’ה shines through. That is how Godliness...

38. Ani Lidodi 5726 (Muga)

This Maamar is Muga. First Version (one class). Second Version (in Two Classes) 5780/ 2019 Class One: This class has a long introduction about this Ma’amar and the one from 5732. The question is: Is ודודי לי part of the Avoda of Elul or not? Each Ma’amar gives another answer. How is the King in...

15. Al Shlosha Dvarim Haolom Omed 5714 (Hemshach to previous) (Muga)

Al Shlosha Dvarim Haolom Omed 5714, Second Version, Class One.The purpose of the world requires that there be a העלם (concealment) which then sets up the “real purpose” the reversal of the concealment itself. This is the meaning of על שלשה דברים העולם -ההעלם- עומד.אין סוף is one, but has two ideas; A. למעלה עד...