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Maamarim by year

In this section, we are slowly collecting Shiurim on all of the Ma'amarim of the Rebbe in chronological order. Each Ma'amar is reviewed in one or two classes (occasionally more) so they are concise.

For some years we've already learned all the Ma'amarim, some years are partially done and some we haven't yet begun, but IYH we'll learn them all.

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Rebbe's Muga Ma'amarim, Sefer Hama'amarim Milukat

By special request we're creating a new format for finding the edited Ma'amarim of the Rebbe according to volume: Sefer Ma'amarim Miluakt 1-6

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Basi Ligani, (10 SHVAT)

The Rebbe would say the Ma’amar Basi Ligani each and every year on 10 ShvatBut each one was different. In 5711 his discourse was primarily on the first chapter of his father- in- laws discourse and in 5712 he explored the second chapter. After 20 years (in 5730/ 1970) he finished the entire cycle. In...

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23. Veatta Titzaveh 5741 [5752]

NOTE: the number posted above (only) reflects it’s place in the year (5741) in which it was recited.