Class # 01

page 161-2. Explaining the פסוק תקעו. What is בכסה? Three different ideas.

Class # 02

page 162-3. כסא דין וכסא רחמים. On Rosh Hashana Hashem starts out on a seat of judgement and we move Him, (through blowing Shofar) to a seat of mercy. In the Ma’amar the Rebbe RaShaB reveals that this is far more than simple transferrence, because the transfer doesn’t (only) leave the seat of judgement for...

Class # 03

page 163-4. Yosef was released from prison Rosh Hashana is connected to the aforementioned theme of changing the judgement itself (as well).

Class # 04

page 164-5. מ”ה וב”ן introduction, the strength and weakness of each. Creation is for the benefit of both advantages being combined.

Class # 05

page 164-5. Examples for מ”ה וב”ן: 1) אורות וכלים 2) חכמה ובינה 3) מדות ומלכות 4) אצילות ומלאכים In the class the first and the fourth examples were discussed.

Class # 06

page 165-6. The relationship between אדם קדמון and מ”ה וב”ן. מ”ה comes through a huge screen, but comes through healthy and balanced, like the Neshama of Avrohom from Adam Harishon. ב”ן comes through directly, but is (powerful but) partial [which explains how there can be (in ס”ג) a שבירת הכלים].

Class # 07

page 166 ff. Continued. This difference between מ”ה וב”ן and their relationship with אדם קדמון is similar to the difference between the relationship between אין סוף לפני הצמצום and the קו and the רשימו. This is only the introduction.

Class # 08

Page 166-7. Kav. Comes from Ein Sof through the צמצום by method of a בקיעה which causes it to come בשנוי המהות. It is able to go into Keilim.

Class # 09

Page 167-8. Reshimo is like Ba”N as it doesn’t pass the Tzimtzum, but is left over during the Tzimtzum.

Class # 10

Page 168-9. M”A and Ba”N are Tzadik and Ba’al Teshuva.

Class # 11

Page 169-170. The integration of the Ba’al Teshuva with (into) the Tzadik. The Tzadik is revealing (into vessels and the world) and through the Tzadik the Ba’al Teshuva is able to live his life. The Ba’al Teshuva adds two things: 1) His higher light. 2) He can take it lower into crude and coarse places....

Class # 12

Page 170. Shofar on Rosh Hashana joins the Kisai Din with Rachamim, three different opinions in Kabbalah about what they are. The key is the joining of the two: Ba”N with M”A.