Samach Tisamach 5657 1 page 1-7

This Hemshech (series) was said in a week! The week the Previous Rebbe got married in Elul 5657 (1897) in Lubavitch.

Samach Tisamach 5657 - Class 01

Page 1-2 Chochma, Bina and Pnimiyus Bina.

Samach Tisamach 5657 - Class 02

Page 1-3. תענוג ושמחה The experience of Joy is 1) revealed, 2) limited (?), 3) affects reaction and passion- the opposite of rest. The experience of Delight is 1) hidden, 2) infinite, 3) affects rest. Why and how. They parallel Bina and Chochma respectively.

Samach Tisamach 5657 - Class 03

Page 3. How emotions form: 1) we see and respond to what we saw 2) We imagine and visualize and react to that. 3) Things we cannot and we can’t even imagine we must attempt to understand and then think about the understanding we had to develop feelings of love and awe etc for the...

Samach Tisamach 5657 - Class 04

Pages 3-4. Introduction to the יש מאין idea. The RaMbaM insists on יש מאין and the Alter Rebbe’s follow up arguing that all the essential principles of faith revolve around it: 1) God is imminent 2) He knows what we’re doing 3) Prophecy 4) Hashgacha Protis and Miracles and more. Proof for יש מאין from...

Samach Tisamach 5657 - Class 05

Page 4-7. Three understandings from where the Koach Ein Sof comes from: 1) The Nukva, she opens herself to the Ein Sof through evacuating herself. 2) The Dchura (male) he is a Keli for Ein Sof because of his Dvaikus. Both these views are found in Iggeres HaKodesh 20. 3) The union between the two...