MM 5660 Min HaMaitzar - Class 01

Introduction to the idea of Binyan Hamalchus.

MM 5660 Min HaMaitzar - Class 02

page 1-2, 3 The Possuk min Hamaitzar has twice Yud Kai and not Vov Kai, why. We explore the question and the answer (page 3, from the Shela).

MM 5660 Min HaMaitzar - Class 03

(page 2). this class explains what the Avodah of Rosh Hashana is, we explore ‘Binyan Hamalchus’, and the Avodah that inspires it as an introduction to the Ma’amar’s discussions on the topic.

MM 5660 Min HaMaitzar - Class 04

Page 2. we explore ‘Binyan Hamalchus’, both the Mashal of Adam and Chava and the Nimshal

MM 5660 Min HaMaitzar - Class 05

Page 3-5. The time is a time of Yechida, we’re all on this higher level, thus the Avodah of Rosh Hashana. Shofar’s shape reflects the cry from the deep. talking reasonably vs. crying out that cannot be said in words. On the highest level it does not even have sound. ViNichye Lifanav, two opposites, Pnimiyus...

MM 5660 Min HaMaitzar - Class 06

Page 5-6. Kol HaNikra Bishmi, is an allusion to the Avodah of neshamos of Atzilus and therefore altogether omitted here. ViLichvodi is relevant here, this is the avodah of Neshamos of BY”A. Ana Emloch, an explanation from the Yichuda Tata’a idea in Shaar HaYichud ViHaEmuna. Garments for representing Godliness.

MM 5660 Min HaMaitzar - Class 07

Page 6-7. 1) The Creations of the lower worlds cannot give Hashem Ein Sof, but what they do give is special because it is unexpected, like the Mashal of the Parrot. 2) Why Ana Emloch is written in future tense, even though He is a King in His essence, because the notion of Kingship doesn’t...

MM 5660 Min HaMaitzar - Class 08

Page 7-8. The second idea of ‘Ain Melech Blo Am’ is that to crown a King one needs free will. Only man has Free will because our mind can overpower our nature (personality) and Malachim can’t. Man from Briah (world of ideas) and Malachim are from Yetzirah (nature), thus the difference.

MM 5660 Min HaMaitzar - Class 09

Page 8-9. Question: How do Nesahmos of Yetzirah (nature) have free will and why don’t Malachim of Briah (Intelligence) not have free will. Answer: see Tanya ch. 39, the struggles of this life give free will to Neshamos of Yetzirah. Malachim, even of Briah, lack a certain hisyashvus that deprives them of true free will.