Class 00 Tiku... 5668

The first Maamar of five of this (unfinished) ‘Hemshech’ Rosh hashana.

Class 01

Page 1-2. This first class deals with the questions in the beginning of the Hemshech. As the Hemshech does not finish answers were suggested (from ‘Tiku 5747 and the end of the Hemshech Samach Vov). 1) ‘Bakese’ means time, why is Rosh Hashana uniquely connected to the renewal of time. 2) Hashem must always be...

Class 02

Page 2 ff. The structure of the entire Hemshech is overviewed in this class. 1) Panim vs. Achorayim, 2) the need for nesira before Yichud Pnimi, 3) Panim. Any and all hisbonenus is Achorayim, because naturally, a Yid is one with Godliness and any need for Moach and Lev is achorayim. This Ma’amar only gives...

Class 03

Page 3 ‘Knowing that there is a God (and no more)’ is the first Hisbonenus. This Shiur discusses the basic knowledge that the world gives us that there is (must be) a creator, a God, but not what He is or that there may be levels in the divine presence in the world.

Class 04

Page 3-5. Beyond simply knowing the Metzius of Elokus, there is the knowledge of the (M’hus of the)Metzius of the differences between Briah Yetzira and Asiya. Though it is still only Metzius, it is discerning within the Metzius. (The M’hus is Atzilus).

Class 05

This class emphasizes the nature of real Avoda in Chassidus that begins with the most basic levels. Though in philosophy one can start anywhere, and people love to start with highest levels, in Avoda (real life and work) if one skips steps, whatever he does is simply not real. Bittul of hanachas Atzmuso etc

Class 06

Hisbonenus to ‘feel’ NaRaN in BY”A and Atzilus. This class covers a lot of text.

Class 07

Page 8-9. Panim of the Neshama is Ratzon; and the panim of Elokus Ein Sof. These two can only meet directly, no Keilim or other intermediate entities are involved, either they, meet directly or not at all.