Shmues # 1. Joy I.

This talk was given as a video conference for a group in the UK in 2007. Note: The sound in this audio file was amplified April 24 11AM. If it was too quiet for you in the past you may want to try downloading it again.

Shmues # 2. Joy II.

A powerful talk on the avoda of simcha (joy). Packed full of stories and lots of warm Yiddish atmosphere. The talk is in English but includes Yiddish phrases and words (98% translated so everyone can understand). This recording was made at a Malave Malka (post-Shabbos gathering) in 2007. If you miss a point or the...

Simcha, Letter (15 Elul 5711) with commentary

The Rebbe writes to someone about Simcha but insists that it be for Hashem and not for the Rebbe Simcha SHel Mitzvah vs Simcha BiTaharasah

3 Classes

Simcha (Joy) is ChaZaL (5783/ 2023)

Simcha (Joy) is ChaZaL (5783/ 2023)This three part series uses a series of Ma’amrei ChaZaL to develop an understanding of what (real) Joy is and where to get it.[Please note, the way I read # 2 on this list is altogether wrong, I’m leaving it in because the idea is true, I’m sorry].