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Class One Hundred and Thirty one, Shabbos (before Mattan Torah) and the Manna.
A very important but often overlooked aspect of Parshas Bishalach is the fact that Yidden received some Mitzvos at Mara, including Shabbos (Para Aduma and Dinim).
The idea of Mitzvos before Mattan Torah is explored here, using the model of "organized religion" vs "personal religion".
Mattan Torah adds the following two ideas:
1) It adds the אנכי to (an otherwise entirely logical) Torah
2) It organizes Yidden and Yiddishkeit, it mandates that we DO the Mitzvos.
Before it was "Personal" and a choice and is understood in two ways:
A. It is less than the Mitzvos we have, it is only reason and logic (and subject to change).
B. It is more than our Mitzvos, it is the idea of mesiras nefesh.
Example: The Bris Mila we do now we still call להכניסו בבריתו של אברהם אבינו.
In the case of Shabbos, its being given before speaks to the idea that it is above the order of commandments, it goes to our core, זכר למעשה בראשית which (from one point of view) is higher than זכר ליציאת מצרים.
Keeping Shabbos is being a Jew.

Siyum Meseches Shabbos (beg Airuvin) 20 Menachem 5780 (2020)
Nachas for the Rebbe in spades.
Shabbos is in the Torah SheBiksav so much yet there's no way to know how to keep Shabbos without Torah Sheba'al Peh, because the Melachos of Shabbos are...
1) Lower than Atzilus (involving Birurim)
2) Higher than Atzilus, the Mesiras Nefesh of the Tanaim for Torah Sheba'al Peh (as discussed in המשך תרס"ו)
Eiruvin makes רשות הרבים INTO Shabbos.


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