Rambam's Moshiach and Chassidus Moshiach- a thought (5781/ 2021)

Rambam’s Moshiach and Chassidus Moshiach- a thought (5781/ 2021)The RaMbaM’s Halachic Mashiach is about Torah and Mitzvos filling the entire world; the world which actually IS Hashem’s looks like it’s His. The Chassidus Moshiach is about Yechida: ELokus with no opposition, the war ends before he comes, thus the great struggle.

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Kaddish said at Funerals

Kaddish said at FuneralsThese classes are a part of my series on Kaddish given at Yeshivas Achei Temimim Chovevi Torah in 5783/ 2023.It is a part of a greater series and as such is numbered oddly, starting in the middle of the series.This Kaddish is about Moshiach and I’m including it in the Moshiach section...