Kashrus classes

Kosher an overview. This class includes many stories and inspirational anecdotes from the Rebbe and others to support keeping kosher not only to the letter of the law but also to its spirit. We touch on לא תאכל כל תועבה that what is not Kosher is abominable. The Rebbe introduced the two Mivtzoim Kosher and Taharas Hamishpacha at the same farbrengen and explained that these Mitzvos done in private determine the lasting adherence of Jews (including young ones, "the next generation") into the future. Kosher heals and prevents illness. Eating only "our own" is the real basis for this idea. The issues of חלב עכו"ם, בישול עכו"ם and פת עכו"ם. The idea that there should be a separation between Jews and non-Jews, and that food brings us closer together. What the Torah says about that. Kosher and Moshiach.

In the first class of our new Kashrus series, Rabbi Paltiel addresses the question, "Why do we eat kosher food?". He draws on Rashi, Sforno, Rasag, and Rambam and clearly lays out the stark contrasts between these great commentators. This class is packed with information and presents a substantial taste of the original language from these sources. A truly motivational class both in terms of the avoda of kashrus as well as the avoda of Torah study. We will prepare study guides with all the texts to go along with this series - with Hashem's help. Great listening for the long hours of cleaning, kashering and kosher cooking ahead!


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