Yom HaAtzmut, (5775/ 2015).

What is our issue with Zionism if we support the state? everything Jewish Must be religious.

Zionism and ChaBaD (Yom HaAtzmaut and the Rebbe). (5774/2014).

A thought. The Chabad Rabeiim were traditionally very anti Zionism, but that seems to have changed when Israel became a state, how can we make sense of our philosophy.

Aschalta DiGeula, the modern state of Israel (5781/ 2021).

Aschalta DiGeula, how does Torah (the Rabbeiim) view the modern state of Israel.This class based on a letter the Rebbe wrote in 5712 (1951) in breif overviews the Rebbe feelings in this subject.And of course, so much has changed since them, and some it bares out how the position has shown itself to be real...