Insights into Tzaddikim

A cross section of ideas about tzaddikim from a concordance covering the Tanach, Shas, and Zohar (Mikhlol Ha-Meamrim ve Ha-Pitgamim) interspersed with stories of the Alter Rebbe and other tzaddikim. MP3

Shmues #1.

what does Avodah mean?

Shmues # 4, Kashrus

In the first class of our new Kashrus series, Rabbi Paltiel addresses the question, “Why do we eat kosher food?”. He draws on Rashi, Sforno, Rasag, and Rambam and clearly lays out the stark contrasts between these great commentators. This class is packed with information and presents a substantial taste of the original language from...

Shmues # 5 A Jewish Beard.

This class is a discussion of beards including halacha, brachas brought by a beard, the mystical interpretation of the prohibition against shaving, and stories of how communities and individuals have dealt with wearing a Jewish beard in the “modern” world.

Shmues # 7 the Tanya's secret.

Tanya, a holy book written by a holy man that embraces the Yezter Hara. This class given at Beth Rivkah Seminary on 24 teves 5775. In this class it is underscored that the Tanya is a most encouraging (rather than discouraging) book, as it accepts the struggle of the ordinary person. Ideally it empowers one...

Shmues # 8 Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism A thought on the Jewish perspective to this very modern question. The world keeps changing (what it considers important) Torah doesn’t change at all.

Shmues # 9 Holiness

Holiness What makes something holy and something else is not holy? Purity and Holiness.

Shmues # 10 Mikra and Kabalah

Mikra and Kabbalah (a thought). Why the TaNaCh doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and how this is different in Pnimiyus HaTorah.

Shmues # 11 Action.

A religion of ritual. [A class on a Ma’amar that has a broader ramification] The class involved a Mashal amd a Nimshal. The Mashal: The idea that Yiddishkiet is (called) a religion of ritual. What bothers people about that and why is it right? The Nimshal: Although creation is based on divine concealment, but there...

Shmues # 12 One lives when he learns to pause in life.

ופנה לסובב take a look around. An excerpt from a Siddur class about the powerful energy and the gentle precision needed to get through life. And that the bridge between them is the ability to pause and hesitate.

Shmues # 14 Chitas and Rambam a Pitch to learn them

Chitas and Rambam a Pitch to learn themSome history

The Current Situation and 28 Nissan 5780 ('The Covid Year').

The Current Situation (Class One) We don’t inderstand the ways of HashemWhen not sure say positive and not negative; only actual Neviim are “forced” to rebuke, the rest of can “afford” to be positive and “not judge”The RaMbaM says that if we don’t see tragedy as message it is מדרך האכזריות- a gigantic insensitivity, so...