Freedom, only free people can give (5779/ 2018).

The irony is that people don’t give when forced only when they are free. because giving takes strength not weakness.

G-d's covenant with non-Jews (5777/2017).

He broke for because he didn’t want continuing hurting so many people.

Hippies and infinity (5775/2014).

This thought, which was part of a Siddur class, asks the question, why do we fear infinity? and answers the question using the Hippies as a model. What is the alternative ti infinity if, in fact, infinity can be very dangerous.

Is socialism against Torah? (5778/ 2018).

Religious Jews are socially conservative does that mean that they are fiscally conservative as well? Which path is better? Is there a better path?

Living as a Jew is harder than dying as one (5775/2014).

a novel (perhaps extreme) insight into why so many people are having so much trouble keeping their children frum is because we have yet to learn how live like Jews.

Mysticism (5777/ 2016).

A thought, the craze and what is wrong with it.

Ta'amei HaMitzvos, a thought (5774/2014).

1) To improve character, 2) to elevate one’s thoughts and values, 3) Leshaim Yichud (Kabbalah).

The ways of G-d (5778/ 2018).

Why would Hashem allow Lincoln to be assassinated at the end of the Civil War and let him finish the good he started? Change doesn’t happen easy.

What will be is happy what was is sad- why (5777/2017).

The Gemara says: אין והי’ אלא לשון שמחה and אין ויהי אלא לשון צער Why? Potential is infinite in it’s possibilities, what is actual even jn the best case scenario is limited. How the Rebbe looked at children.

The World is a Globe. (5774/2013).

The world is really like a (in the image of God) man, who is famously horizontal, but it is ‘curled up’ in a fetal state what would happen when it would be born?

Gehinom (a thought) Yeshiva Achei Temimim 5781/ 2021

Gehinom (a thought) Yeshiva Achei Temimim 5781/ 2021.What is “Hell” why is Hashem punishing us?A background in the design of things as seen in Kabbalah and other sources that explains Gehinom in a context that is more logical and comprehensible.