15 Menachem Av- The celebration of T'shuva. (5773/2013).

The 15th of Menachem Av celebrates the idea of T’shuva and the joy the opportunity brings (it actually reverses the churban Beis HaMikdash) that is even more exhilarating than Yom Kippur.

Balance (healthy) vs. Compensator (invalid) , like the Tzadik and the Ba'al Teshuva. (5774/2013).

The invalid is disqualified from working in the Beis haMikdash, why?! Because he is not about balance but compensation, and and the Beis HaMikdash is all about balance. The advantage of the ‘Compensator’ also known as the Baal Teshuva.

HoRaisa Derech Teshuva...

(From the Slichus) of Tzom Gedalia. Horaisa Derech Teshuva Livas Hashoveiva. The poem included in the Tzom Gerdalia Slichus (as is the case with much of this Slichus) it’s more about Aseres Yemei Teshuva than about Gedalia.

An important conversation (5777/2016).

This discussion took place in Beth Rivkah seminary as part of our Tanya class. We explore the classic idea of Teshuva in contrast to the changes the Rebbe introduced to how we should do Teshuvah.

Teshuva (Elul 5780 to the year 5781).

TESHUVA CLASS ONEThe first class covers “teshuva tata’a” (lower teshuva)  ((text covered is Perek Alef – Igeres Ha-Teshuva)The first half of the class is focused on “kabbala al’haba” – “going forward not going back” which is the work of “teshuva”.  Life is about work – being a Baal Ha’bais (master) over ourselves.  Teshuva is a...


The Chassidic approach (to Teshuva)- Don’t be afraid of Him (He’s your Father). Do it out of love.

TESHUVA origins.

Examples of Baalei Teshuva.


A thought on Teshuva.