VaAira 5712.

Also known as ‘Der Frumer VaAira’. Class One. “The Frumer VaAira” of the Alter Rebbe (origionally) reviewed by the Rebbe in 5712. The Ma’amar is being taught in two classes. This class overviews the Ma’amar and some of its’ history. It then explores the ‘Zoche’ person who need not do Teshuva because 1) he reaches...

The Alter Rebbe.

“Der Frumer vaAira” (5554). Long Version (Yeshiva, 5773/2013). The Alter Rebbe’s Maamar about no sparks (or Jews) being lost, that it may (not only include but) necessitate Teshuva davka, and it cannot happen without this.’ Short overview (Beis Midrash Linashim, 5773/2013). review of “the Frumer VaAira” of the Alter Rebbe.

45 Classes

Ma'amar VaEira 5712 (In Depth) - 'Der Frumer VaEira' about Teshuva

Ma’amar VaEira 5712 ‘Der Frumer VaEira’ about Teshuva.The Rebbe called it א בייזער דרוש (painful).It speaks to the absolute need (ultimately) of Teshuva.

2 Classes

02. Shuva Yisroel 5716

02. Shuva Yisroel 5716This Ma’amar juxtaposes ‘doping it right’ versus Teshuva.The first class deals with Hisbonenus and Achdus on various levels. It explains how the mind then comes down to the heart and action.The sinner has compromised some part of שם הוי’ה and Teshuva repairs it by going higher [-to the ‘Fifth Level’: Yechida. He...

3 Classes

40. Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim LiYisroel 5735 (Mugga).

40. Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim LiYisroel 5735 (Mugga).The 15th of Menachem is compared to Yom Kippur and actually is mentioned first. These two days are considered by the Mishna (at the end of Ta’anis) to be the greatest of all.The Rebbe finds the reasons for this in the Gemara to be insufficient, so he introduces...

10. ושבתי בשלום ה'תשל"ח (Muga)

ושבתי בשלום ה’תשל”חClass One: This is the first part (and includes ONLY an introduction) to this masterpiece ושבתי בשלום ה’תשל”ח. The essence of the Ma’amar is about the idea of חידוש (novelty). The idea is: what can man possibly do to appeal to G-d? Giving Him anything including more and more means little to Him....