05 13 Ikarim (Principles of Faith) (4 Classes)

13 Ikarim (Principles of Faith), Class One. As part of the Siddur series and in conjunction with the meditation of אדון עולם we decided to explore the י”ג עקרי האמונה.We talked about the אריז”ל’s issue (not with the content, but) with the Nusach of the 13 Ikarim (whoever wrote them had no connection to “Sod”),...

How do we know that Torah is true. (5773/2013).

the non-answer that is the best answer of all.

Is life good but bad happens or is life bad where we try to survive? (5777/ 2017).

A blurb; we quote the RaMbaM from More Nivuchim section three chapter 12.

Is the world a good place where bad things happen or a bad place where good things happen?

Class One. The world is a jungle (by itself) and G-d’s garden because of G-d’s involvement. The Even Ezra’s justified pessimism and the RaMbaM’s extra-ordinary optimism. Do bad things happen to good people? According to the RaMbaM not as much as people say and think. It is so much on our hands. Three levels of...

Isn't is wrong for Hashem to get "pleasure" from our challenge (pain)? (5781/ 2020)

Isn’t is wrong for Hashem to get “pleasure” from our challenge (pain)?This class was given at Beis Rivkah Seminary.The issue of Hashem’s pleasure is part of the discussion, as well as the need for people to be challenged.

The Jewish people are a supernatural people. (5775/2015).

This little talk was a response to a question a student asked, it explores what it means that Jewish people are different, they are a nation of God, of miracles and even in Golus we live a different life.

Series to Shluchos on Emuna and Bitachon, Spring 5776/ 2016.

Talk One. Introduction, stories and overview. 1) Three meanings of Emunah: A. higher than reasonable bond, B. we nurse from our mother as an infant, C. Proffiect at it like a craftsman. 2) Jewish and non-Jewish faith, Sovev Kol Almin.  Talk Two. 3) Faith that is personalized is alive and brings great joy. 4) Strong faith and...

Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin (5778/ 2017).

Thoughts on the most recent series of Miracles. 1) Yerushalayim is announced as the capital and there is no real reaction in the world. 2) Family stays together even when things aren’t perfect. 3) When one goes through this kind of suffering comes out purged and pure.

Two talks to the Shluchim on Bitachon and Emuna.

Talk One. (Sivan 5770). PDF Bitachon. Lizchus Refua Shlaima for Levi Deitch A”H. We live in God’s world and God is good so His world is good as well. Talk Two (Shvat 5774). Emuna. To place belief above doubt absolutely.

What's the difference between Emuna and Bitachon (BR Seminary 5780/ 2019)

What’s the difference between Emuna and Bitachon? Faith is like the air we breath, we must have it and it is basic to our existence. Trust is a choice under trying times to טראכט גוט וועט זיין גוט. There is an ill unique to our generation where people have Bitachon and not Emuna.