Complete Sichos on Chinuch classes

4 Marcheshvan 5720, Dor Haflaga Lesson

Class One: You survive a holocaust, rebuild correctly and not selfishly. The lesson from this for Chinuch.

Class Two: The cities and towers must be of Torah and they are forever and you "even" get fame as a secondary reward.

Class One. Toras Menachem vol 29 Page 166-8.
Ya'akov the choicest of the Avos has a "perfect bed" (while Avrohom and Yitzchok have a יצא ממנו) and he bore them and raised them outside of Eretz Yisroel.

Class Two. Toras Menachem vol 29 Page 168-9.
The lesson is that we must go out and be Mikarev others.
Malachim in the beginning of the Parsha in a dream, and at the end outright because of what he did in Charan.


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