Lehavin Inyan RaShBI 5745.

Class One. The first half of this Mugadiker Ma’amar addresses the idea of ‘Shvachim’ (praise or flattery) we give to Hashem to arouse Him to give us (K’vayachol) and how this was reflected in the Tanaim who flattered RaShBI. What is unique to the Rebbe’s version of the Ma’amar is tha he expalins that the reason we are able to touch the Ein Sof and RaShBI’s essence is because Hashem needs our Dira Bitachtionim and RaShBI needs the Torah of Birurim that only other TaNaim can provide. Class Two. the second part of the Ma’amar explores aspects of the Story about the praise the Talmidim gave RaShBI, his Torah and it raining. Each aspect is consistent with the definition of who RaShBI was and it reveals his dependency on those around (and lower than) him.
Class One
Class Two


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