L’David Hashem Ori – Special Tehilla for Elul

An in-depth analysis of L’David Hashem Ori (By David: Hashem is My Light and My Salvation) the special tehilla (psalm) that is added to the daily prayers beginning in the month of Elul and continuing until Hoshana Rabba. Kapitel (Psalm) 27 is recited during the daily prayers from the first day of Rosh Chodesh Elul up to and including Hosha’ana Raba. This class is a thorough discussion of the direct meaning (pshat) of this kapitel as well as the inner meaning. This material is advanced and may be challenging for beginners but it is well worth the effort. The key points will come through clearly by the end of the class. Note: Line 8 of the kapitel (a key line referred to in the class) reads, “Of you (G-d) my heart says, ‘Seek My countenance’; Your countenance, L-rd, I seek”. We apologize for the inferior sound quality of this shiur – it was recorded on our old equipment. However, it is possible to hear the shiur clearly.