Ki Tavo 5745.

Class One. This first class on the Ma’amar of Ki Savo we learned the ‘biur’ Everything in threes 1) Neshama 2) Guf 3) what binds them; 1) Mimalei 2) Sovev, 3) higher than both; 1) Malchiyos, 2) Zichronos, 3) Shofros; 1) Sur Mera, 2) Asei Tov, 3) Bakeish Shalom; Class Two. The second Shiur on Ki Savo deals with the Posuk, first ‘Hashem… Nosein…’ we receive a gift, that means a Koach for all later Avoda. Then ‘ViYirishta’- we inherit, which refers to the unchanging Avoda of Torah and Mitzvos, and then there’s the gift that is higher than the inheritance, which is Hashem giving us beyond the constant.
Class One
Class Two


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