Karov Hashem 5744.

Class One. Moshe’s explaining to the Malachim that they didn’t get the Torah because they have no Yetzer Hara etc, is really about the idea of Dira Bitachtonim. Fortunate is one who comes here (to Gan Eden) with the Talmud in his hand, meaning he brings along the level of Torah connected to action.

Class Two. 1) The Possuk Gadol Adonaninu ViRav koach indicates limit; while ViLisvunaso Ain Mispar indicates infinity. 2) Something which is higher than a count shouldn’t even be called ‘No number’. 1) the first half of the Possuk is about the worlds, while the second half is about the Torah that remains the same through all the worlds. 2) It does descend into the worlds and therefore can be called ‘with no number’ as it exists in a world of numbers. 3) Karov Hashem Lichol Koruv is Tefilla; Lichol Asher Yikrauhu BeEmes is Torah. 4) Torah brings Hashem down which is the point, but Tefilla comes first to inspire it.

Class One
Class Two


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