Kaddish 38

קדיש Class Thirty Eight. 1) Review of the idea of צלותא ובעותעא being like a sword and a bow, fighting from close and from far and the strength and weakness of each. Fighting from close is intense and really fixes what is wrong because it is so close and personal but leaves you “dirty” even if you win because of the proximity to the “enemy”. Fighting from far doesn’t correct as precisely but it acts in an over-arching way as protection and it gives light and peace and finality to the struggle. 2) The beginning of the RaMaK: the ascent through the lower three worlds are all in the word תתקבל. We discuss the two ideas of קרבן: A. sacrifice B. bringing close and the word תתקבל includes all of the former. The rest of the words צלותהון etc will be growth in the highest world itself.


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