Shofar (Yeshiva, Elul 5780- 5781)

Shofar (Yeshiva, Elul 5780- 5781), Class One.Introduction: The Sages Unlock the Power and Mystery of the ShofarThis class provides historical background on the Jewish Sages who givethe multiple reasons underlying the use of the shofar at Rosh HaShana.Sages discussed include Reb Sadya Gaon as explained 700 years ago bythe RADA (Reb David Abudraham), the Rambam,...

Series on the King in the field (Rosh Hashana)

Series on the ”King in the Field” CLASS 8, Rosh Hashana Class 1. When The Prayer of One Has the Power of Ten “Search for Hashem when He is close. Call Him when He is near.” (a passuk [line] from Yeshiyahu [Isaiah]). The Gemara explains that this refers to the 10 days “between” Rosh Hashana and Yom...


VIDUI. Short and to the point. This thought on text of the viduy (confession) provides a useful meditation for the Yom Kippur davening (prayer).


The prayer in the Rosh Hashana davening that describes Hashem’s judgment most graphically. A commentary.


Psalm recited before blowing Shofar.


An attempt to get at the depth of this most powerful prayer.

Rosh Hashana inspiration. (5772).

Given at Chabad of Flatbush. This class has two parts. 1) Inspiration and 2) customs. Class One. Inspiration. Class Two. Customs.

Rosh Hashana Message (5771-2/2011)

Given to Neshei chabad at 770.